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Wire stitch binding machine TD202

Two Stitching heads
Hand feeding books
  • Manual wire Stitching Machine TD202/206

    Máquina de Costura manual de fio
    Multi-head steel wire book binding machine is a professional design book binding machine which 

    new pattern machine for small printing factory. The book binding is accurate ,having the adjustable 

    the automatic fixed position equipment, lt can bind in not only riding bookbinding and also smooth 

    book binding, what is more, small area, high efficiency, operate simple, cheap price, it can 

    equip 1-4 frame head, and it could bind double book binding in once.

    Specification/ Especificação




    Max.   binding thickness

    MMax. espessura de   ligação

     0.2— 4 mm

    Working   speed

    Velocidade de trabalho

     80—120 Times/Min

    Wire   size

    tamanho do fio

    25# 23#   steel wire

    Power   motor

    Potência do motor

    380V   50Hz 0.25—0.75 KW 

    Machine   weight

    Peso da máquina

    200 KG