PRODUCT    Saddle Stitching Machine    Book binding stitching line LQD8E

Book binding stitching line LQD8E

Automatic book stitching line
auto paper feeding
Hohner heads
Three side trimmer
automatic book binding and trimmer
  • Auto Saddle Stitcher LQD8E / Sela costureiro

    LQD-8E Auto saddle stitcher is suitable to bind lots kind of printing books and periodicals, magazine,

     advertisement, school books, instruction booklet etc. It installs 2-4 German Hohner binding

     heads to bind. No matter Triple book or a pair of association book, it is easy to finish the task.

    It is high efficiency. Auto paper feeding, stitching, three side cutting also middle cuts and Auto Assembling

    Specification/ Especificação




    Max.   cutting size (mm)

    Max. tamanho do corte


    Min.   cutting size (mm)

    Min. tamanho do corte

    105x 148

    Max.   cutting height (mm)

    Max. altura de corte

    8 mm

    Working   speed(Books/Hour)

    Velocidade de   trabalho


    Power Consumption(KW)

    Consumo de   energia


    Main   Motor

    Motor principal

    7.5KW, 1440R/Min

    Power supply

    fonte de   alimentação

    380V, 50Hz