PRODUCT    Offset Printing Machine    Offset printing machine HG47L

Offset printing machine HG47L

Single color offset printer
  • HG47L / HG56L Single color Offset Printing Machine

    1. Easy operation: dampening, inking and pressing are operated by one handle at different level. The pressing cylinder on/off is

     controlled by Electric-Eye exactly and reliably.

    2. Exact registration: Front paper stopper of registration, both side-pulled-paper stopper, paper feeding horizontal registration,

     paper feeding table slight adjustment, plate cylinder registration of up/down.

    3. Dampening and inking separated: Dampening system is separated from inking system, which can adjust dampening and

     inking flexibly and content the requirement of different printing items for dampening and ink.

    4. Presetted counter: This machine adopts electromagnetic presetted counter. If the setting printing work finished, the paper

     feeding stops automatically.

    5. Double sheets detection: It can avoid the problem such as double sheets, paper overlap and non-stop.

    6. The whole machine is controlled by PLC with the function of automatic stop if paper jam.

    7. Our company produces 47 series and 56 series offset printing machine, including A-type, -type and

    NP machines. Most of machines can be installed second color printing device.

    8. Advanced quick plate clip

    9. with perforation knife.







    Max. paper size

    Max. tamanho do papel


    560X400 mm

    Max. print size

    Max. tamanho de impressão

    454X345 mm

    550X375 mm

    Paper weight

    peso de papel

    28-250 g/m2

    28-250 g/m2

    Printing speed

    A velocidade de   impressão

    2000-8000 sheets/h

    2000-8000 sheets/h

    Plate size

    tamanho da placa

    470×380×0.15 mm

    560×420×0.15 mm

    Rubber size

    tamanho de borracha

    470×420 mm

    560×460×1.95 mm

    Rubber thickness

    espessura da borracha

    1.95    mm

    1.95    mm

    Ink roller

    rolo de tinta

    10pieces(two close to board)

    14pieces(three   close to board)

    10pieces(two close to board)

    14pieces(three   close to board)

    Water roller

    rolo da água

    4pieces(one close to board)

    5pieces(two close to board)

    4pieces(one close to board)

    5pieces(two close to board)



    Power 0.75kw(47) ,power 1.1kw(56), air pump power   0.55kw,(single)  220 V



    1760×900×1340 mm

    1760×1000×1340 mm

    Machine weight


    700    kg

    720    kg

    800    kg

     820 kg